Diabetes and Exercise

I recently observed that almost all my friends and contacts in US who were over anxious about health in their 30s and regularly going to Gym are now taking treatment for diabetes by the time they are in 50s.

In fact, those who were not that anxious or overly concerned are still not on pills.

Too early to establish a cause and effect relationship, there could be many reasons:

  • These people were over anxious in all aspects of life, not only health and that led to diabetes ?
  • Stress of exercising too regularly deprived them of basic fun and relaxation in life and that led to diabetes ?
  • They were indulging in other activities associated with heavy exercise (unprintable) that led to Diabetes ?
  • They were over or under eating that led to diabetes ?
  • or, People who are not on pills may be ignoring their doctor’s advice and not taking pills


Or may be the sample data I chose is too small – if others observed something similar or not , please comment.


(From Sanjeev Sharma, Author of ‘5 Core Methods of Innovation’)

Sanjeev Sharma

Consultant and Author of '5 Core Methods of Innovation'

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