DAM Coolers – The First Cooler Using VIP Technology

Sand, Foam, Down, Gas, and Polyurethane (Roto-moulded coolers) are a few of the insulated materials used to slow down temperature change in the early days of the portable coolers. Some are better than others, while all of them have few to many downsides; from cost to design, from bulkiness to weight, from hygiene to environmental impact. With Ice Retention being the number one driver in the high-performance cooler market, it was a great opportunity to develop a cooler that met and outperformed the competition.

The idea of DAM Coolers was born!

A competitively priced vacuum insulated cooler for the American market – Yes! the name is DAM Cooler, a 24+L icebox that saves both the bulk and the weight relying on thin, efficient vacuum insulated panels. With 60% thinner walls and 25% more volume, this kind of oomph was never seen in the existing expensive coolers, present in the market.

Using advanced Vacuum Insulated Panel technology, we get a lot of performance while maintaining plenty of volume in a small package, thinner walls with better performance simply means more room inside! This is a lighter, sleeker cooler compared to the rotomolded counterparts which are thicker, heavier, and bulkier, yet it’s heavy-duty enough in holding and storing ice as long as the former ones. It does so by ditching the polyurethane foams commonly used for insulation and swapping in vacuum insulated panels.

DAM Coolers

The VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel makes the cooler 15% lighter than its counterparts with more volume and less footprint with 60% thinner walls. A strong lid that can bear up to 170 lbs, has patent-pending honeycomb ribs for this added strength. A strong gasket not only enhances the quiet closing action but also provides a nearly waterproof seal. In the inside, 3 short dividers and one long divider can be installed for 2 long and 4 short compartments, this state-of-the-art cooler is truly designed for organization. Available dividers split the open interior into compartments, keeping food separated from drinks, frozen food separated from fresh food, and so on. Dam Coolers also has trays that rest on the top of the cooler, offering up to 20 different configurations in all. It has a removable and raised anti-slip feet grip that prevents the cooler from sliding around and backed by an aluminum handle with a soft yet firm and comfortable grip. In a “Full to the Brim” ice test in temperatures between 80 and 115 degrees, with an average of about 87 degrees, the DAM 25 was able to hold solid ice for over 6 days!!

Dam Coolers plans to sell the Dam25 for an MSRP of $235, but it’s raising money on Indiegogo now, offering the cooler at a pledge level as low as $118. The campaign has doubled its $30,000 goal, and the company tells us it’s already started production. Also on offer is the larger Dam35, scheduled to be released later this year, and soft coolers and cooler backpacks.

Product Page: DAM Cooler

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