Crua Xtent – The All-Season Camping Tower

What can be termed as best of both worlds in a camping tent? What? Well, it is, when the tent is battened down as much as possible and the camper wants it low to the ground, or at times, when you want it to stand tall so that you stand upright and get changed. The CRUA outdoors multi-functioning camping solution, XTENT, offers you both! Pitching it up high for extra space and ventilation in the summer; drop it down low for better weather resistance in the winter and inclement stretches of the shoulder seasons.

Though CRUA has a legacy of creating state-of-the-art camping gear which is micro-adjusting for different kinds of activities, adventures, trips, etc, this TENT that-has-it-all needed almost two years in the making, working tirelessly to develop an easy to use, the all-round tent which is Xtent.

Xtent is packed with features with storage options, LED lighting and connectability. Its modular Clan system builds up from tent to multi-tent commune; its hammocks hang in the trees, sit up like hovering chairs, spend the night as hanging tents, and flip over to pitch on the ground; and its inflatable swags pack their own air mattresses and picnic blankets.  In between a 5-foot-high (1.5-m) dome-style cabin form and 6.6-foot-tall (2-m) cabin tent, the Xtent can easily adjust itself. The aerodynamic form counters the whipping gusty winds and the blinding sheets if rain when it ducks down in the height and gets covered by the removable rain fly. The extra bunched-up tent mesh doubles as a wraparound gear-storage pocket, when the tent’s in low height. The fly does not extend in size, so it’s simply hiked up higher when used in 6.6-foot-high configuration.

With Crua’s cocoon V2, as an add-on feature, it is an inner tent liner, which blocks light and dampens sound. The Xtent has rainwater pockets, which accumulates and get poured through a small hole, which can be used by campers around the tent. To compliment the camping kit, Crua launched a collapsible fire pit! This includes a half-width grille/cooking platform for campfire cooking that doesn’t completely cover over the coals below. The entire 39-lb (18-kg) fire pit packs down into a stack of steel panels and connectors, building quickly into a self-contained, V-shaped fire bowl. Crua claims that it’s built to an heirloom-level of durability.

The Xtent comes in two- and three-person sizes. The two-person weighs 6.3 lb (2.9 kg) and measures 22 x 7 in (55 x 17 cm) when packed, while the three-person weighs 6.9 lb (3.2 kg) and packs to 23 x 7-in (58 x 17-cm) dimensions. The two-person Xtent starts at a pledge level of $249 (est. MSRP: $429), while the three-person starts at a $299 pledge level (est. MSRP: $469). Also on offer are packages that include the Cocoon V2, the gear storage hammock, and a clippable tent light. Deliveries will begin in January if things move forward as Crua plans.

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