Crazycap, A UV-Emitting Water Bottle Cap That Purify Water

Reusable water bottles are used by almost all of us on day-to-day basis and to keep them clean to our best satisfaction is always a matter of question. Especially for toddlers or younger kids, it becomes a matter of great concern if the water bottles are not washed properly as they are more prone to infections.

Keeping this in mind, Miami-based start-up Microlyscs, has designed a CrazyCap, which fits on most of the cola-style bottles. This special cap shines ultraviolet light into the water which continuously kills microbes. It can also purify collected water.

Using Crazycap:

1. To check if the regular tap water is devoid of any microbes, tap a touch sensor on the top of the device two times to activate the UVC-emitting LED.

2. To purify water collected from lakes, rivers, tap it five times, so that the light would stay for longer times and kill the germs.

3. Additionally, once every 2 hours for a 20 sec period, the light automatically comes throughout the day. This is to get rid of any microbes that may have been entered while drinking.

As per the Microlyscs report, 45 litres of tap water and 18 litres of lake/river water can be treated with one charge of the device’s battery.

Approximately 99.9999 percent of any microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi or algae) present in water should be killed on UVC rays exposure.

Crazycap, a UV-emitting water bottle cap, a real crazy device to wipe out the microbes from your drinking water…guys what are you waiting for? Go get it now and enjoy safe drinking water!  

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