Crazy Gadget

The constant innovations in the world of cellphones are rapidly taking over our lives. . Think about it we live in an era where cellphones have accessories. Talk about 21st century. The following cellphone gadgets might just have you cracking open your penny bank and running to the nearest Best Buy to retrieve them.

1) Selfie Stick

You might have seen a few of these around town by now. One may have almost hit you in the head. A selfie stick is a monopod used to take ‘selfies’ or group photos. These sticks are generally extendable, with a sturdy handle bar at one end, and a clamp or secure base at the opposite end, which allows users to clamp their phones in securely. Selfie sticks pair with your cellphones allowing owners to take as many desired photos with just one click of a button. These unique monopods are offered by many companies, Polaroid, Samsung just to name a couple. And are made affordable with some selling as low as $10.

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