CoVent – A Life-Saving Ventilator For The COVID-19 Patients

Coronavirus is spreading magnificently all over the world. The experts are doing their best to save the life of corona infected patients. In the US, the corona infected are 6,41,910 approximately and recovered ones are 52,100 approximately. Currently, James Dyson has invented the ventilator called “CoVent” in just 10 days.

The number of patients is going on increasing on large scale and all countries are facing the shortage of sanitizer, masks and most importantly ventilators. To create billions of new ventilators is a hard task for every country. US has come up with the new technology for COVID-19 patients. The US needs approx. 25,000 ventilators and then after they will supply it to other countries.

According to the new guideline, James Dyson is looking forward to sending 10,000 units of a ventilator to NHS and additional 5,000 units to the international sectors. He clarified that these ventilators are made especially for COVID-19 patients and it is suitable for the various clinical settings. 

 Let’s see how it works.

How does CoVent work?

The patient suffering from COVID-19 needs more oxygen suppliers as their respiratory system is damaged. This ventilator is created in such a way that patients wouldn’t suffer from breathing problems anymore. This ventilator runs on power or battery. The motor used in this ventilator is the same that is used in a vacuum cleaner.

All the countries have to be united to break the chain of coronavirus and hence, James Dyson is seeking help for medical staff from other companies worldwide. The health and social care secretary of the UK says that the whole world needs ventilators and to create a huge amount of ventilators in such a small period seems next to impossible.

In this scenario, no-one can depend totally on other countries as each country has to look for their good first and then others. Hence, each country should use its mind for the production of a new ventilator. There’s no time to keep waiting for the ventilator to come as the deaths are going on increasing in every country.

James Dyson

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