Cove neckband uses gentle vibrations to lower stress

A little resilience to stress, a little reduction of anxiety, a little pruning of worry, and a little more of relief, of peace and of sleep. It sounds exuberant, coveted, priceless in today’s world and definitely utopic, in this era, the era of pandemic and the relentless, ruthless, pessimism and gloom surrounding us at every step and in all walks of life.

Guiding and directing the brain into less worrying, into more calm, with an unassuming, demure wearable device, sounds like a trophy deal, and that is what COVE, is all about.

Feelmore Labs, has designed the new COVE neckband, to offer exactly all the above, at every moment of our lives, through the gentle vibrations applied, just behind the ears. As we know about the proverb; an apple a day keeps the doctor away, Feelmore Labs claim that using COVE for as less as 20 minutes a day, will keep the stress at bay. The amazing convenience in these 20 minutes, is that you are not only dedicated to the COVE working tactics, but you can be occupied in any and every other work, while the neckband works its way to do effective stress stimulation and provides noticeable, tangible benefits to the user.

The purpose and intention of the COVE is to work the mastoid and temporal bones in the skull, which in turn stimulates the posterior insular cortex part of your brain that’s responsible for stress modulation.

The new device, is driven by neuroscience and a study says that 90% of people who participated in the COVE efforts, for a period of 30 days, have improved in the stress reduction by a whopping 41%!! Not only that, the quality of sleep of these sample individuals have improved by an amazing 50%, quoted Feelmore Labs.

The company says that there are thousands of volunteers who have tested this device and the scientific advisors, who are part of this project and involved in the research have an opulent lineage, the details of the research are hard to come by as they are not available on the internet, although there is no doubt about the credibility and the findings.

As Feelmore Labs CEO Francois Kress said in a press statement. “Cove was created as a simple tool to effortlessly build resilience to stress, better equipping you to deal with it as it arises, while also improving sleep,”

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