Could Swiss Banks be the savior of democracies ?

In the last decade, a lot of efforts have been made by governments around the world to make secretive banking places like the Swiss open up and share information with governments. And almost nobody has been defending the practices of these Banks.

However, we need to appreciate the fact that many countries’ democracies have failed and fallen into the hands of dictators in recent history. Countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh were controlled by military dictators for many years. However, the politicians in these countries were able to push elections and bring back democracy in their countries.

This was possible because they had access to some financial support even they were thrown out of their countries by the dictators.

With Governments all over the world trying to gain access to all information about people and privacy being threatened by cellular phones and social media, the ability of people (and politicians out of power)  to fight back a dictatorial regime would be limited in future.




Sanjeev Sharma

Consultant and Author of '5 Core Methods of Innovation'

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