Coolest Cooler:21st Century Cooler that’s Actually Cooler

If you are an outdoor person and love to enjoy your outings, then this is the perfect gift to yourself. It is all in one outdoor solution and you don’t have to worry about what you pack or don’t pack. It is one of the most unique and innovative products one can ever have.

On the top of the box, you have 4 cup holders, an on and off switch for your blender. Even if you press the switch, the device won’t work till you have the blender on the top.  When you open the flap, you can see one side of the flap with a plate holder and it has 4 plates and one knife holder along with a ceramic knife. The flaps are quite sturdy and robust. It comes with a quick start manual, which gives an overview of all different things like how to use a blender, how to put the battery inside and what all things that you would get in there, etc.  It also comes with a manual that talks about safety and all and also recipes’ manual which talks about the different drinks that you can make.

It also comes with a bottle opener, blender which teams up with a measuring jar. This also comes with coolest speakers and manuals on how to set it up. This speaker is splash-proof and water-resistant. You can sync this up with other coolest speakers and then you can create your own surround sound. It comes with a battery. It comes with a divider that doubles up as a cutting board. The blender is high powered that gives shredded ice in no time. The bottle opener comes with a magnet and the lid gets stuck on the base, thus not thrashing the beach. Really, eco-friendly

A perfect gift if you have a penchant for outdoor parties or love to spend time on beach. BUY NOW!!

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