Cookie Shot Glass Pan

Worried about the daily nutritional intake of your kids? Dealing with fussy eaters? Straining yourself about how to feed and what to feed?

The fussy eaters are deprived of many nutrients but it can be covered by smart cooking and visually appealing spread. I have two kids and they are super picky when it comes to food or milk. I really have to slog to make them eat. Either it ends up to a half-filled tummy or long meal hours which eventually don’t help.

Honestly speaking the milk part is the most painful for me. I have tried out different flavors, different ways…and the end result is I enjoy what I make and not to mention my weight….

I was very much looking into some way where drinking milk would be more enjoyable rather than a punishment for them and for me. As I am a very habitual reader, now these books have been taken over mostly by blogs…mostly reading food blogs to please my kids….I chanced upon a very interesting way to stuff them with milk which is unique, healthy and filling.

Its’ called cookie shots.  You can make them have cookie and milk at the same time without them noticing that they are having something healthy, filling and nutritious.

These cookie moulds are readily available on Amazon and they are very easy to make and easily washable. This pan has six shot glasses to bake our cookies. You can bake chocolate chip cookie, simple cookie, brown butter Bourbon Cookie, etc. The main idea is, they are having cookie and milk at the same time.

These moulds are non-sticky and dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about washing with hand. You can fill the cavity of the cookie with milk, ice- cream, mousse, etc. It can be used as a party deserts.

So, if you are a mom like me finding different ways to trick your child into drinking milk then worry no more cookie pan is our savior. Go out and BUY NOW!!

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