Complete Whether cameras system, BloomSky

Access live weather reporting, real-time pictures, time-lapses, and forecasts from BloomSky weather cameras around the world. Sun, rain, clouds, fog, and storms – all clearly visible from a network of local stations, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the weather conditions when you need it. Up-to-the-minute images from a network of local weather cameras replaces unreliable weather icons to give an accurate weather report. An easy to understand color system accurately displays temperature, humidity, air pressure, and UV exposure. An hour by hour temperature graph provides a forecast for each location. Use the Explore tab to view a map of BloomSky weather cameras; tap the map icon for a glimpse of the location’s view. Immersive time-lapse videos provide an overview of an entire day’s weather and Combine traditional weather data with an image to get a true understanding of the conditions. Share weather images and time-lapse videos directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or download for later. View the conditions at popular locations such as national parks, landmarks, hiking and biking trails, ski resorts, golf courses, and Hotels. version 2 renamed as Sky 2 and Storm. While the Sky 2 serves the purpose of a second generation weather camera station. The Storm is an all new accessory device measuring total rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, and UV. Sky 2 will measure the more conventional weather details such as Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure and Precipitation. At the heart of it, SKY2 features an HD camera capturing real-time images every 5 minutes. You’ll have a time-lapse video at the end of each day, telling a clear story of your sky. To add to this is the BloomSky APP that will serve as your free mobile control center for sharing and viewing valuable weather information. The interface intuitively displays collected data from your devices, so you have on-demand access to real-time conditions. Identifying weather changes will be easy with this camera system.

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