Collapsible Colanders

There are some age old utensils that you can’t do without but they eat up a lot of your kitchen space. One such utensil I feel is Colander, now what it is you will know if you spend minimal time in kitchen J. This Collapsible Colander is steamer, strainer all in one, and best part is because of its meticulous foldable design, it can be directly used for serving without spilling.

Nicely designed, overlapping flat leaves would fold and reduce the size of colander to one-tenth of its size, thus can be stacked anywhere in the drawer. ABS quality handle makes it food safe and also heat resistant. Cook and serve. It is that easy. Stability arch makes it to stand upright although it is not flat. Well crafted utensil making the water to drain off easily, thus no bacteria breeding ground, so, very hygienic to use.

Why to go for heavy, space engaging utensils when we have new age utensils to go for. Opt for Collapsible Colanders and get a clutter free kitchen now.

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