CollapseAndGo: Collapsible Baby Bottle

Searching for baby products can be very daunting. All the products look appealing but we need to see the quality, safety aspect and definitely we look for uniqueness in the product.

There are many types of feeding bottles that flood the consumer market every year, but this unique idea of collapsible feeding bottle is what caught my attention.

Collapse and Go Feeding bottle and sippy cup functions in both ways of bottle and cup are a great help, so that, when your kid outgrows the bottle stage you don’t have to throw it away. Simply remove the nipple and replace it with the handle and turn it into sippy cup….have you ever thought the transition to be that simple…Naaahhhh!! It simply understands your needs and grows with your kids…Simple and convenient.

This is very easy to use and convenient to clean. You can twist off the top and remove the wide base which would give full access to the interior, thus helping you to clean the interior of the bottle properly, thereby maintaining hygiene. As it is collapsible, you can fit it into your pocket or slide it into your bag.

It discards extra air from the bottle thus taking care of your baby’s colic problems. It is mold resistant, 100% food grade quality, dishwasher safe and BPA / PVC / lead / phthalate-free. It is customizable and comes in different colors.

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