Cognitoy for Skill based learning

Education is a continuous process. The learning curve should be continuous. The moment you are outside the womb you start exploring. Kids have an innocent inquisitiveness where in they prod more to get clarity and to straighten their fundamentals. So, based on their curiosity Cognitoy has developed this product which will enhance their thinking skills. Because good fundamental knowledge and learning would pave way in shaping future leaders.

In today’s tech savvy world, we can give them access to fun learning experience to nurture their thought process and to develop their reasoning skills. It is a cloud based and wi-fi enabled toy.  Perfect learning tool where it cracks jokes, asks questions, plays music, tells you bedtime stories…Yipee!! They are smart toys which are specially designed for the kids.

This product caters to their level of thinking and development. Let your kids say “NO” to smart phones and yes to such educational toys. Smart phones hinder the mental growth and debars them to think out of box, but with such educational toys they are educated and well guided  to perform better at home and class. So, let Cognitoy be your child’s best friend, it will not only transform your kid’s thought process but also increase self esteem.

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