Cocoa Motors launches laptop sized walker electric skateboard

After a long journey of making electric skateboards, the walker company is finally launching an electric skateboard. The size of the skateboard is similar to a laptop. The size of the product is making it popular among youngsters. The driving mode as well as the style of the product makes the product extraordinary than others.

Driving Mode

The company is now introducing two driving modes in the device. The first one is the top speed which is 16 kmph. In the case of the second one, the normal speed is 10knph and 7kmph. Both of the driving modes can also tackle 10 degrees also.

Platform Design

The design of the platform is made of carbon fiber as well as aircraft-grade aluminum. The board is 215 mm and 346 mm wider. Due to the self-healing paint finish has made the product scratch proof. On that note, the user rides above 74 mm. Also, the product can carry 2.9 kg weight.

In front of the product, there are also two of the locked wheels present that can be operated using electric motors. There are also sensors that remain in the upper platform. It also helps the walker to shift the weight. The bike also contains a trolley like a wheel that allows the user to turn out. It also contains an auto-stop function that helps the platform to halt, accelerate, and slow down the sides and the changes of the direction.

The auto stop function helps the user to halt smoothly so that the rider can be able to step off. Probably this is going to be the most interactive feature of the skateboard.

Sum It Up

This is going to be the favorite bike for youngsters, who like to stop and start whenever they need it. The extra sensible sensor helps to start, stop, and move in an easy manner. Alas, the product is only available in Japan only. The whole world has to wait for some time so that they can experience the style, the look, and the smooth driving mode of the skateboard.

Product page: Cocoa Motors

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