FoldiMate – Ease Your Laundry Folding

Doing Laundry, although a most essential part of our household chore, has been a cumbersome routine for most of us. The most tedious and time consuming part of it is folding which comes once the clothes are dried up.

I know making laundry has never been a fun…..but now you’ll see a tech tool called as the FoldiMate, which is like a robot which folds your clothes very quickly. It will make your laundry experience more enjoyable and easy to manage in your busy schedule. Your closet will be organized in minutes, just the way you have always wanted. It is so simple to use that your kids will be fighting over folding clothes in it.

How to Handle the Machine:

Place your clothes you want to fold into the top tray. Your folded items come out stacked on the tray below which you can remove and keep it in your closet.


1. Sleek design, easy clipping technology, family friendly

2. Robotic folding: It can fold around 25 items in less than 5 minutes

3. Versatile: It can adapt to kid’s clothing from 6 years old up to size XXL and medium sized towels

4. Electric consumption is estimated to be low

5. Not suitable for small items: socks, baby clothes, and large and bulky items like bed sheets etc.

For your information, FoldiMate is not yet launched in the market and expected to be launched in late 2019.

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