Closca bottle with app, Redefines how you drink water

Combining a Product Design and an App to find the most convenient and comfortable way to find, carry and drink water. Closca Bottle has a stretchy silicone flap-strap with a magnetic closure that makes it completely wearable. And with more than 56,000 refill stations worldwide, the Closca Water App helps you located the nearest place where you can top off your H20 for free. This intuitively designed bottle is made to fit in with your lifestyle and whatever it may bring. It has location tracking so you’ll never leave it behind. Plus, it finds locations where you can fill your bottle. Feature durable borosilicate glass, the entire exterior of the Closca Bottle features hard-wearing silicone. In addition, this material sports a clever design. Wrapping around the bottle is the patented Fidlock strap system. The silicone can wrap around your bike, backpack, railing, or anywhere else you need and secure with a strong magnet. This way, you can keep your bottle always within reach. In addition, the Closca Bottle has two openings; one of the top for standard refilling and one on the bottom for adding in ice. You can also add the stainless steel filter to use the Closca Bottle to steep your tea.

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