Client Specific Face Cream

The conscious about being attractive and uber-cool struck the chords of 21st-century inhabitants of this Earth, quite strongly. People today are going all out to look their best. Many are shelling out fortunes to look stunning for all occasions. It is needless to say that sophisticated skin care products cost a bomb to give those looks to all who desire them. But how about getting such experience at a throwaway price? Sounds like a dream.

A German company called Skin made came up with a range of creams that are less expensive and are tuned to the needs of Clients. Utilizing technology developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation, the Skin made system was first announced last December. In order to understand Clients’ needs, kiosks have been set up at various stores where, assisted by a store employee, each touchscreen-equipped machine analyzes the skin on the client’s forehead, cheek, and below the corner of their mouth. It utilizes methods including corneometry, in which a capacitive sensor is used to measure skin hydration levels; sebumetry, in which a strip of film is pressed against the skin and then optically analyzed in order to ascertain the skin’s lipid (fat) levels; and a proprietary technique that’s used to measure the skin’s elasticity.

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