CleanseBot – World’s First Bacteria Killing Robot

With today’s ever-evolving world of technology nothing comes free, everything comes with a price. If we develop machines to give us germs free life, it is because we have so many ever-evolving germs or bacteria that can’t be eradicated with just dusting or swiping.

People who travel a lot have often complained of falling sick. The travel which gets us our livelihood can’t stop but we can certainly stop you from falling sick. The hotel rooms have all the amenities which they might have just dusted out but how often on the microscopic level we have seen that it can be a house for many bacteria and viruses. Well, worry no more!!!

This CleanseBot has a unique ability to disinfect the hotel surfaces, be it the bedsheet, or blankets or the table or the TV remote… can be anything…just start, slide, sit back and relax…let the AI-powered robot do its trick of disinfecting for you.

It has three modes:-

  1. Handheld
  2. Power Bank
  3. Under Blanket

Product Specifications:-

  1. 130-millimeter diameter
  2. 45-millimeter thickness
  3. Weighs 320 grams with the cover
  4. 220 grams without cover
  5. 3700 milliAmp hour lithium-ion battery
  6. Four UV-C lights

It has 18 sensors which help CleanseBot to position itself on the bed and keeps it from falling off. It effectively eradicates 99.99% E Coli bacteria. One of the best gifts you can gift to someone who holds a special place in your life. BUY NOW!!!

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