“London’s number 1 transportation app is now getting popular in US and Singapore also”

Citymapper is the most sought after transport app available for London. Citymapper edged past TfL (Transport for London) an Online Journey Planner which was considered the best way to learn about a route across London’s complex public transport network. Now, Citymapper is the most preferred one.

Citymapper is a one-stop solution for all those who have been using multiple apps for their needs. For Londoners who tested many transport planning apps, citymapper saves a lot of space in your phones. The app appeals to lifelong Londoners and first-time visitors to the city as its A to B route planning is so comprehensive and includes plenty of helpful extras.

Transport Options

London Underground is perhaps the most used transport option in London but Citymapper gives you all other options that include:

Buses, Cycles (your own bike or a Boris bike from the cycle hire scheme), Taxis (black cabs or minicabs), Trains, etc., ​

Citymapper was introduced in New York, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Boston and many other bus cities across USA but the usage in USA is not as huge as in London and other cities. I think all must understand the benefits it has to offer in order to use it extensively as it can save a lot of time for citizens and tourists too. It was voted as one of the best Apps by Apple multiple times.

It was the creation of a traveler who found himself in a mess when he went to London for the first time. He felt that his concern was not unique and that many were going through the same pain and hence came up with an idea to design an app that can guide anyone who is lost in an unknown city or a new place.

Citymapper has been found to be a great boon to daily commuters in Singapore too. Singaporeans find this to be a great transit app for all those who use public transport regularly. Many have great travel stories with citymapper to share.

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