Cicret Bracelet Turns Your Arm Into A Touchscreen

Bracelets are a piece of jewellery that has been worn around the wrist by women and also men. That is what we can perceive when we talk of bracelets. They have been able to charm people of all age groups and a lot of value attached to it. Well, when I talk about Cicret bracelet, you must be thinking….hey what’s new, probably some more intricate design or a few more diamonds or more visually appealing….but you got it all wrong….got ya!!

You feel on this portal we would be talking about mundane uninteresting articles. Well, you are all wrong again, it is a bracelet for sure but it is a bracelet with a twist of innovation, a pinch of creativity and a splash of technology. You got it right!!! it is a bracelet with a twist.

Cicret Bracelet is a futuristic bracelet that turns your arm into a touch screen device. Circret Bracelet has a pico projector and proximity sensors that point towards the user’s arm. It operates as a standalone device with a twist of the arm or your finger and allows it to interact with the interface. It is expected to be available in 16GB and 32 GB model. This device allows users to send or receive emails, browse, play games or answer your calls. The product cost is $400.

There is a downside to it and that is there is no prototype available. They are asking for donations but no surety of the outcome is given. The video that has been circulating is not the result of an end product but just an imagination of what the product is going to be. So while investing $400, weigh the pros and cons and then go ahead and invest.

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