Best Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone

Christmas is round the corner. It is a day of joy and celebration.  As we indulge in gifting, this article is written solely because you can gift your dear ones with something special and unique this year.

1. Glowstone Flashlight  

This is not a simple flashlight but a compact, tiny, ultra bright versatile flashlight that has totally reinvented the way the traditional flashlights used to be. Stick it, Clamp it, Clip it, Wear it, Stand it, Mount it…wherever you want, for whatever usage…Glowstone Flashlight is there for you. Comes in a tough silicon case and has been designed in such a way that it is heatproof, shockproof and waterproof. Due to its nano-suction technology it can attach to the surfaces. As it has wireless charging, so no cable hassles.  900 Lumens, 8 Modes and 10 accessories….Glowstone a perfect gift to light up their Christmas

2. ThePhonecoat

This is the first ever invisible, self healing, unbreakable full body protection for your phone. It is just 0.2mm thin, thus maintaining the look of your device. As it is almost invisible, it gives a high optical clarity. It is transparent, so the look of your phone won’t alter. The power of Nano technology when used to keep your phone intact then what you get is “ThePhoneCoat”. Harvesting on Nano technology this phone is resistant to shocks, abrasions and scratches. This ingenious comes with the self healing ability. So a perfect gifting way…wrap your love by gifting them ThePhoneCoat…. 🙂

3. Click Pack Pro

Anti-theft, multi-function back pack designed to amalgamate the security, comfort, convenience and storage under one roof…and Click Pack Pro is a perfect example for that. It has double layer rain protection, so you need not worry about your belongings. Get drenched but your belongings would be safe with Click Pack Pro. It comes with triple anti-theft protection, so just relax while you are on the go. The Click Pack Pro has been made with fabric which makes it cut resistant, so your belongings remain safe all the time while you are travelling. Built in reflectors and RFID with a magnetic strip keeps your credit card information safe. It comes with five major storage compartments.  Charge your device anytime. Perfect Christmas gift for weekenders or who are always on the go

4. Glare Smile

Clean your teeth in just 10 seconds and get sparkling clean teeth and envious smile . This toothbrush comes with 3 brushes and which would help you to brush all the surfaces of each tooth in a perfect way. The rotation movement from bottom to top would ensure plaque removal much faster without any mistakes. Comprehensive and comfortable brushing which ensures every surface of gums and teeth are getting cleaned in shortest time. Gift your loved ones a reason to smile….Gift them Glare Smile

5. Phree Smart Pen

It is a smart pen which can write virtually anywhere and can be used with tablet, laptop, TV, phone…..Bluetooth connectivity makes it compatible with apps like  office, One Note, Ever Note or Viber. Just write it anywhere and see it appear on your screen. It can be your car, your desk, your clothes, your wall….virtually anywhere… you write 🙂 Make the entire world your canvas

It can also be used as a headset for your phone, and you can also double it as sending and receiving texts as it has a screen integrated with it. Multiple language test entry is also possible.

Special gifting idea for Someone Special…Stay Connected with Phree.


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