Charge your Power bank while on the Go

We have seen 100s of innovative charging devices being marketed and sold across the globe, since we started using mobile and other electronic devices that need to be charged continuously.  So far, most of them served the purpose to a greater extent than never before but not thoroughly as wanted by many for varied needs. The demands of customers are always dynamic and ever evolving, eventually. 

You must have seen some suitcases that have provisions to charge some tiny batteries while on the go but the internal setup of the suitcase itself must be charged, frequently. This sounds like a perennial problem for anyone who uses them. We heard of a new Rollogo Escape S which uses the spinning of its own wheels to do meet the needs as discussed above.

Rollogo suitcase has four roller bearing-equipped wheels that are hooked up to a generator, which delivers electricity to an 8,000-mAh lithium-polymer power bank while it spins. Those who use this equipment can draw power from that bank – for their phone, laptop or tablet – via two USB ports.

According to the designers, just 10 minutes of roll time is fair enough to serve the need of around 1.2 hours of talk time for a usual smartphone. This power bank is said to be good enough for more than 10 hours of mobile device-charging. When it needs a full re-juicing, it can be separated from the suitcase and plugged in discretely.

Also, a Bluetooth module in the power bank allows it to communicate with an iOS/Android app on the user’s phone. It has great features like alerting the user if the suitcase is grabbed by a stranger, if the charging level is low or if it is dropped somewhere, unknowingly. Also, based on the last Bluetooth range, the app also can show the location where it was last noticed.

This sounds really exciting to me. I am sure it does to you too. Grab it!!!

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