Filtering Water Without Plastic

Plastic became a perpetual menace more than a decade ago across the globe. The day is not far when we would see more of plastic and less of humans pervading the Planet. This is not a joke but glaring reality that is beckoning us.

Fortunate are those who live in the mountains and places that are far from adulterated food or water. Mountain water is the purest form of water that can be drunk without being worried about any impurities or the laborious purification process. But 90% of us live in areas where water is either polluted or needs daily purification to consume or use for any other human purposes. This process results in the creation of a lot of waste in the form plastic or recycled water.

How can we get water without plastic being mixed in it? If you want plastic-less water, you’re basically against the options like bottled water, Brita pitchers, and even faucet filters, as most of these have some plastic properties despite their activated carbon granule filtering system. This of course, still leaves water filters built into refrigerators in the running. If you have that kind of fridge, then you’re good to go; if you don’t, you can totally steal the fridge filter’s secret and use it to hack your own water — without any plastic at all.

Most filters including Brita pitchers — depend on stimulated charcoal to decontaminate water. Stimulated charcoal is an inevitable option in many crisis situations to treat victims of overindulgence or poisoning. It possesses rare toxin-eliminating abilities, as stimulated charcoal fixes to atoms, ions, or molecules, leading to dissipating toxins away, almost like a magnet. Stimulated charcoal has been linked to optimal kidney health, relieving gas and intestinal inflating, ceasing diarrhea, whitening teeth, and absorbing nasty microbes from injuries. In addition to all of these advantageous health benefits, stimulated charcoal can also purify our water.

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