Chairless Chair: A Wearable Chair That Will let You Sit Anywhere

Smoking is injurious to health and passive smoking is equally hazardous. It affects our lungs adversely and causes serious diseases like a cough, cold, wheezing, asthma and lung cancer. 84% of deaths which are reported every year is because of smoking.

Similarly, in modern times, sitting the entire day and working is now considered equivalent to passive smoking. A lot of health issues have started cropping up when we maintain a sedentary lifestyle. And that famous saying, what goes through your lips ends on your hips, this saying will hold true if we don’t exercise and continuously sit and work. J

But with long work hours, it has become impossible for us, to go for long walks or exercise, thus having a drastic effect on our health, which slows our metabolism and plays havoc on our blood pressure and blood sugar. The sedentary lifestyle has become so prevalent in today’s lifestyle that there is no movability in the true sense. If you see, with one touch of the button you can do grocery, order foods, order your medicines, even your appliances get regulated, with just a touch of a button. This has severely terminated our mobility to the maximum extent and we have turned into couch potatoes, thus risking our health BIG TIME…

So, to counter these health issues that come with the sedentary lifestyle, a chair has been developed that is chairless….Zapped!! Welcome to the world of revolutionary and innovative design, welcome to the world of Noonee Chair, a chairless chair, which gives a feel of sitting without actually getting seated onto a chair. Sit anywhere to everywhere with this chairless chair. It is flexible and robust. If you are tired standing, sit; if you are tired sitting, you stand. It is customizable and can hold 220 lbs per leg. It is the first of its kind where you can wear your chair. Noonee – a chair that you can wear.

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