Supersize Your Cat’s Playtime With Latest Catit Circuit Senses 2.0

There are two segments of people feline lovers (ailurophile) and feline haters (ailurophobes). I fall in the first category, hence I thought why not write an article on the catit circuit which stimulates the natural hunting instinct in the cat by enticing, engaging and entertaining the cat throughout.

This catit circuit has been designed in such a way that it would incorporate sight, sound, and touch and would engage your pet by providing it with endless opportunities to chase the illuminated ball and to get the daily dose of exercise.

It comes with 100+ layouts and each layout can be configured in a different way. There are 3 types of circuits:-

  • Play Circuit
  • Wave Circuit
  • Super Circuit
Play Circuit:-

It comes with special peek a boo circuit design which is leveled to the ground. It has a green translucent cover with the white colored bottom. Easy to assemble and clean and the layouts can be changed to keep the experience fresh and exciting.

Wave Circuit:-

It also comes with a transparent design but here the circuit is at an elevation to give diversity in the movement.

Super Circuit:-

It is a combination of wave circuit and plays circuit. It comes with a swirl patterned ball with an optimal weight for play.

This toy has been designed to activate the cats’ senses and helps the cat to exercise in a play way method. This is an ideal product to stimulate the cat mentally and physically and help them to lead a healthy life. Easy to clean and assemble!!

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