Capsule-Your Photo Assistant

Automatic backup from mobile, camera, social, cloud album and slideshow creation search and access photos and videos anywhere. Take a photo with the camera app you currently useon your iPhone or Android, anywhere in the world and Capsule backs it up to the hardware in your home happily, instantly, auto-magically The Capsule app on your mobile phone runs in the background and works 24×7 to backup any photos you take, anywhere. Don’t worry it doesn’t drain much battery.
If you are short on mobile data, this feature could be turned off, and it will instead backup automatically when your smartphone is on  WiFi. Your phone got smashed, lost, water damaged in the last wash circle? No worries. Your cherished memories have already been safely preserved. Plug in any device and the photos or videos will be instantly available on your phone, tablet, or computer. No need to wait for photos & videos to upload!

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