What can we do about School shootings in US ?

This year in 2018, we have almost 1 school shooting every week so far.

Easy availability of guns can be partially blamed, but we need to look beyond that:

  • Shootings are happening mainly by teenagers and mostly in high schools.
  • Either the accused teenager in school was feeling too lonely or was being bullied by others.
  • Most of these children were average in studies, sports and extra curricular activities and were not able to shine out and therefore feeling depressed.

With internet, a lot of learning can be done from home or remotely or without classroom settings.

Perhaps, the US education system needs to reconsider 12 years of education and make many students switch after middle school or 10th grade to  professional/internship type education while simultaneously getting their high school certificate via online exams.

That way, both the teenagers who are bullying and getting bullied would be moved out of high schools and find alternative ways of getting high school diploma.

Sanjeev Sharma

Consultant and Author of '5 Core Methods of Innovation'

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