Can a simple box design help Amazon kill Walmart

The stock price of Walmart has been falling and many wonder if’s aggressive online sales is the cause of it. In fact, a large amount of grocery shopping that we do is composed of a handful of things like Milk, Egges, Butter, Spices, Bread, Oil etc. Many times we end up buying other things when we go to a store to buy these important grocery items.


Usually we rush to the nearest grocery store or a Walmart when these things have just finished as there is no time to order online. If a  number of  different sized containers for these items are designed – and there is a weight-measuring device at the bottom of the container and it can inform a cellphone app using Wifi, we could automate online ordering of these items before these are consumed. This would remove the last minute rush to Walmart thus reducing the brick and mortar advantage of Walmart.

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