Bushfire Creating Havoc in Australia

Bushfires are very common in Australia. It is mostly triggered when the weather is very hot or dry. It is natural or due to human activity. Bushfires due to human activity is caused intentionally or accidentally. Most of these bushfires in Australia takes place in south west Australia, it is because of human activity. These bushfires travel very quickly. The reach is more in grasslands compared to the forest.

This year’s bushfire has been deadliest for Australia. Australia is more prone to these bushfires due to its weather. It is hot, dry and windy. Thus, once it catches fire due to wind it spreads real quickly making it difficult to stop. These bushfires not only cause damage to the forest but also it is a hazard to the wildlife and humans. Ten and thousands of people are left homeless, the air quality has gone down due to fire and may lead to respiratory troubles. Chances of Koalas being wiped out can also be true. The unique flora and fauna are gravely affected by these bushfires. Half a billion wildlife is estimated to have succumbed to the fire. Due to the unprecedented temperatures approximately 20 human lives have been lost to this incident. This bushfire has not only lead to the loss of life but also has impacted the Australian economy.

NSWs loss is too huge to compensate but we need to ensure that the attributes that triggered the bushfire should be well taken care of in the future. The land clearing, climate change and deliberately setting fire these are some of the attributes that cause bushfire to happen.

 NSW and Victoria is the worst hit state, mass evacuation is underway for these two states. Fire fighters have been fighting it out round the clock and are trying to control the situation as much as they can. A commendable job is being done by them. These bushfires are not new to Australians but the extent of damage they are causing has increased and one of the major causes is environmental change which the leaders can’t dismiss. They need to act now to give the kids a better future. Let us join hands in helping Australia tide over this hard situation.

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