British Museum

Yesterday, I went to the British Museum situated in the Bloomsbury area of London, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1753 and has the largest repertoire of Egyptian antiquities.  Entrance to this museum is free.

As per the sources, the 10 things that you must not miss once you visit the British Museum are:-

1. Rosetta Stone – Room 4, Ground Floor

It was discovered in 1799, it revealed the key to understanding Egyptian hieroglyph.  It is text written by a group of priests to honor Egyptian pharaoh. It is 1.14 m x 72 cm x 27 cm in size.

2.Parthenon Marbles – Room 18, Ground Floor

It is one of the most controversial exhibits as it was removed from the land of origin and is now with the British Museum.

3.Sutton Hoo Mask and Ship Burial Collection – Room 41, Upper Floor

It was discovered in 1939 and this collection includes iconic mask made of tin and iron and also many items like weapons, silver cutlery, gold buckles, etc.

4.Egyptian Mummies – Rooms 62,63, Upper Floor

The museum has a collection of 140 mummies and coffins.

5.Enlightenment  Gallery – Room 1, Ground Floor

It was once a king’s library and houses over 60,000 books collected by King George III.

6.The Standard of Ur and Artefacts from Mesopotamia – Room 55 & 56, Upper Floor

7.Renaissance and Medieval Objects – Room 2A, Ground Floor
8. Artefacts from the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus or Tomb of Mausolus – Room 21, Ground Floor

9. Greeks and Romans – Rooms 69 and 70, Upper Floor

10. Great Hall

There are overall three floors, ground floor, lower floor, and upper floor. Besides the main entrance, which I felt is always thronged with people the rear entrance I felt didn’t have any queue, which helped me to get into the museum quickly compared to others standing in the front entrance. I would recommend you to visit the British Museum to see how humans have evolved and to get a feel of their lifestyle and culture.

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