Breathable Face Mask With Clear Window Visible Expression For The Deaf And Hard Of Hearing

When contagion is inevitable, and when cross contamination rules the world, as pandemic is the most horrific word that crosses our mind every moment, a face mask is the most definitive, dependable, evident and most warranted associate in recent times.

While face masks help prevent the spread of infection, they prevent an individual from contracting any airborne infectious germs and face masks are part of an infection control strategy to eliminate cross-contamination, and this is the perfect sense on the science side. However, on the con side, in the literal sense, the mask disguises the emotions of the human face, conceals the sigh of relief, hides the brave smile that one adorns in a flicker, locks up the tight lips that manifest the grit of risking oneself to fetch for the family, covers the agony of unending challenges and camouflages the ecstacy of winning a moment of an underlying lost battle.

When we consider that pie of communication in the domain of exchange of words, even the clearest of baritones are incomprehensible and incoherent many a time from behind the multiple layers of protection. And, when we speak to the community who are impaired and challenged in hearing, the expressions are aided, not with words but when they read the movement of lips and decipher the articulation, in all these, the traditional face mask is technically impaired.

Neobosen, the trendy e-commerce site, launched very recently has thought and launched a range of masks, which are visible, transparent, designer, comfortable, yet absolutely protective.

Keeping communication barrier as the topmost concern and overcoming it, as the highest priority, Nei bosen has come up with these next generation visible transparent masks, especially for the deaf and dumb community whose only means of articulation are facial expressions and lip reading.

These have multifunctional designs and thus various ways to wear it – neckerchief, headband, Bandana, hair-band, balaclava Bandana, scarf, seamless Bandana, beanie, bandana, mouth Bandana etc. and can be widely used for every sports, outdoor or community activity that we can think to indulge in, such as running, hunting, fishing, hiking, motorcycle, biking, skiing, snowboarding and snowmobile riding, mountain, biking; perfect for bikers, hikers, outdoor sports, party, festival etc.

Please visit the website for the details and get involved in engaging with our challenged fellow friends in the society to reach out with a smile behind your masks.

Product Page: Neovosen

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