BMW Vision Next 100

When we talk of BMW we talk of innovation, we talk of technology. BMW from the start has been an epitome of extreme technological advancement in the field of automobile industry. Over the last few years, the brand’s integration of technology, design and functionalities have resulted in the outcome of world’s first of its kind automobile Vision Next 100 – Vision of the future.

BMW Vision Next 100 concept car has been designed in such a way that it can be easily termed as car of the future. The design, the functionality, the classy décor, the geometric patterns are a treat to our vision and have surpassed our expectations in every way.

The design is simply flawless and this classic combination of geometric patterns that is a kind of three-dimensional sculpture that can be seen inside and outside of the car. It is like the car is talking to you….. It is like the car is alive. BMW has catered to the needs of driver’s safety also keeping in mind the sophistication and stylish look that BMW encompasses. It is simply a treat to our eyes.

The tires are concealed and it comes with alive geometry. The frame of the car can expand depending on the turns you make. The appearance of the car coming alive and expanding while taking the turns is so very surreal. As the wheels are concealed, it would protect the tires from outside environment or hazards.

There are no handles in this car. It has sensory motion technology embedded which makes the entire design smooth. Just swipe your hand and the door opens. This car doesn’t come with the traditional steering wheel. It obviously lives up to its name. It has two handle steering wheels which disappear when it is in a self-driving mode. It creates more leg space and room to sit when the car enters the self-driving mode. Also, a unique feature that has been integrated with this and that is the purple diamond shape in the dashboard and the rear lights that tell the vehicles around that the car has entered self -driving mode and that they should be careful.

The little triangles on the dashboard are a coolest thing. It seems that the car is breathing. When the car detects an object that the driver can’t see then it lets you know by moving the triangle shapes on the dashboard. The car is also fully drivable and comes with the pedals. The windshield is interactive and it is like a giant window screen. It will tell you about the obstacles and also it will help you with the directions by drawing a straight line on the roadway that needs to be just followed blindly.

It surely is a car to watch out for and whenever it is on the roads if you have moolah then it is worth investing 😊

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