BMW Bike of the Future – Motorad

Bikes have been a major mode of transportation for many years. Earlier, it was only seen as a mode for transportation but with the evolvement of technology, things have taken a turn and it is being perceived as a status symbol…a mode of expressing desire to be free, independent and to experience the pleasure to be with you. Bikes are a good way to destress and to enjoy outdoors.

Bikes have evolved over many decades and when BMW comes out with bikes it is obvious that it would be something to eye for. Marvellous machinery, futuristic design and technological advancement, all integrated in one bike. The bike of the future – Motorad.

Motorad is the bike of the future. The typical triangular shape is very different from the regular bikes we see. The shape is flexible and can change its’ shape every time the car takes a turn. The design is very futuristic and speaks a lot of the BMWs’ continuous thirst for innovation. The flexi frame makes the bike come alive every time it is in motion. If it is in a standing position, the frame is small but when it is in motion the unit lengthens. It has a self-balancing feature integrated into it which makes it to stand upright when it is standing or in motion. A boon for bikers who just started.

BMW Motorad Future is the bike of the future as it only requires the rider to wear glasses and ditch the helmet. They have named the glasses as “Visor”. They span the entire vision in front of you and you can control with your eye movements. These glasses show relevant data on the screen which connects the rider with the outside environment and adjusts the bike automatically to give a smooth silky ride. This self-assisting and self-balancing bike is THE BIKE of the future.

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