Bisecu the most advanced bike lock

The Bisecu bike lock is fully automatic, syncing with a smartphone to lock or unlock based on proximity.The Bluetooth-enabled Bisecu fits on the front wheel hub, where its “proprietary invisible locking structure” will automatically engage when the user walks away. Along with its smartlock capabilities, the three motion sensors will also track riding stats, such as speed, distance and travel time. It  offering smarter, smoother, and simpler bicycling experience by reinventing the lock. It is the first fully automated lock with riding data analysis. BIsecu is truly automatic device, free from keys, crouching on the floors or button triggered operation. With invisible lock mechanism and bluetooth wireless connection, Bisecu is designed for the next generation riders. Even without your phone, you can use a preset password to luck and unlock Bisecu manually using the exterior button. Bisecu is the lightest smart bike lock thanks to the new form factor. Bisecu offers the most convenient, hassle-free experience when you go down the stairs or take public transportations. As soon as you walk away from your bike I LOCK IT will automatically immobilize it. Once you’re at your bike it automatically unlocks. And if you just walk past your bike I LOCK IT locks again. If you want to leave your bike for a longer time you can easily connect the plugin cable or plugin chain with I LOCK IT, no key needed. In case of a theft attempt I LOCK IT sets off an 110 dB loud Alarm. This will scare the thief away and raise the attention of anyone in the area. Additional to the acoustic alarm I LOCK IT will send a notification to your smartphone if the alarm gets activated.
Using Bluetooth technology notifications are possible in a range of up to 100 m/ 330 feet. I LOCK IT uses an AES security layer to encrypt all communication. This encryption technology is very safe and also used for example in online banking. To secure the connection every I LOCK IT has its own individual digital key.

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