Vienna, Austria – Bisambär Leather Goods, a full-service small leather goods crafting firm located in Austria, committed to providing only handmade and expertly finished leather products today, this week officially launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to garner widespread support and the necessary financial backing to make the development and shipment of its “Elementary Camera Strap” a reality.
Born from a passion for making completely full grain leather that is vegetable tanned by traditional German tanneries for an unmistakably beautiful finished product, Bisambär Leather Goods wants to be able to keep their handmade items affordable through crowdfunding support.
“We go through the full process for ensuring our leather is comfortable to wear while being extremely durable and strong,” said Lukas E. Beinstein, Founder, and Owner of Bisambär Leather Goods. “As someone passionate about photography and refined craftsmanship, I was inspired to combine my two loves for the development of my Elementary Camera Strap, now on Kickstarter.”
Every production step is made by hand in Vienna, using traditional saddle maker methods. The small business uses highly tear-proof polyester thread and applies an additional weatherproof coat on top.
In order to ensure the development of the Elementary Strap was on point, Bisambär sent the strap to a variety of photographers and had them test out the design.
“My goal is to offer all of my products at reasonable pricing without compromising the handmade quality,” said Beinstein. “I’m offering up to 44% off regular retail pricing for those interested in backing my Kickstarter campaign. Spread the word on the launch of the campaign, and head on over today to learn more about Bisambär craftsmanship.”
Customization is available with the Elementary Straps, providing consumers with a variety of choices for both the leather color and thread colors.
Contact: Lukas E. Beinstein (

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