Biaggi 2-in-1 One Garment Bag and Duffle

If you are a traveler and you live out of a suitcase then this kind of article would surely excite you.  Frequent travelers can’t be heavy on their baggage and this kind of bag would surely help them.

Biaggi 2-in-1 is an ideal garment bag for those people who often spend their time traveling for business purposes. It is very spacious. It includes front and back exterior pockets and two side pockets for more space. It is made of nylon fabric, so it is durable and water-resistant. As it is made of nylon it is easy to clean. The handle is made up of polyurethane padded which makes it comfortable to carry and doesn’t exert much pressure on the shoulders. So it is very convenient and comfortable to use.


  1. Zipped Up Satchel -13” x 22” x10”
  2. Garment Bag – 40” x 22”
  3.  Folded Bag – 22” x 14.5” x 1”
  4. Product Weight – 3lbs
  5. Exterior Pockets – 7.5” x 7.5”

It is good when you are going on business meetings, no need to pack your suits separately. It serves the purpose of the garment bag and duffel bag. So you are better organized and need to carry less baggage. It is lightweight and extremely functional. It can be stored easily as it would fold flat. It is a highly recommended bag but the major issue many people faced is the zipper problem.

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