BedJet for a peaceful sleep without impacting your spouse’s sleep

Have you ever wondered why some people can fall asleep the moment they hit beds and some people toss and turn on the bed, feeling restless and sleep deprived? Well, if you see, we spend a considerable part of our life, in sleeping, and the sleep pattern is mostly governed by various factors, but, if we talk about, only the physical attributes:-

  • Type of Bed
  • Mattress

But are these the only things, which can help you, get a good night sleep? Nope. I don’t think so. A mattress can only provide you with the foundation to sleep on. It can enhance your quality of sleep, but what if you have troubles adjusting the temperature? I mean, you are getting your hot flashes and your spouse is feeling cold. What happens next?? Well, I wouldn’t want such a turn of events on the nights. Sitting and controlling the temperature and fighting over it….Oops….that too in the middle of the night.

But with this product installed in your bed, it can help you regulate the temperature of your side of the bed – hot or cold, along with that, it also prevents any obnoxious smell emanating from the bed by eliminating body moisture and sweat. With JetConvect air technology, it can cool off one side of the bed and your partner can sleep on the other side, in the warmth of the mattress, by its instant heating and cooling technology. Thus, guaranteeing you, your sweet dreams night after night. Sleep  Re-Invent

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