Become a Game Developer using OUYA

OUYA is an Android-based new kind of video gaming console for the TV. Using this, any developer can easily build games for the big screen. There are already many games developed and submitted to OUYA by different developers. The hardware used for OUYA is a small cube designed to use with a TV as the display via an HDMI connection. It comes along with a single wireless controller, but it can also support multiple controllers.

The game developers first need to download the OUYA development kit (ODK). They can build a game using any number of tools that are supported by OUYA like Adobe air, corona, Game maker etc. Before submitting the game, it has to be made sure that the game meets all of the requirements to run on OUYA. If there are any issues after submitting, OUYA will send a feedback which can be fixed and sent back. Developers can later check how many people have downloaded their creative game.

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