Bandage that is Meant for Collecting Sweat

The field of medicine took remarkable transformation in the last two centuries. Erstwhile life threatening diseases are no longer reasons for any scare or tensions. Breakthroughs and advancements in Medicine and Surgical procedures are making the lives of mankind safer and memorable in many aspects.

We all know that much dread giving blood samples or any diagnostic procedure for any medical examinations and hence stay away from health checkups too. We have heard of a number of devices that collect sweat from the skin and then the sample is tested for diagnosing any serious medical condition. An inexpensive new bandage-like biosensor simplifies that concept, as it doesn’t incorporate any electronic components.

Scientists from China and the US jointly developed one such device that consists of an adhesive-backed flexible polyester film that’s coated with a super-hydrophobic (water-repelling) silica suspension. Etched into that coating are four tiny super-hydrophilic (water-attracting) wells.

When the biosensor is applied to a patient’s skin like a bandage, their perspiration gets channeled into those micro wells, where it collects. Dyes applied to the bottom of each well subsequently change color according to the sweat’s pH level, and its concentrations of chloride, glucose and calcium.

Further results are expected as more research is in progress to make the device ready for usage across the country.

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