Calfee Road Bike: Tastes Really Good if You are a Panda :)

Nowadays, there is hardly anything you will find which is unique and interesting…I am talking about cars, clothes, houses, or bicycles, all look so similar in color, models, designs. However, recently I came across a bike named as “Calfee Road Bike” which is highly unique and is made out of bamboo.

Bamboo is a wonderful natural and renewable resource. It is light in weight and is very strong, in fact some species of bamboo have same strength ratio as steel.

This is a really tasty bike….if you’re a panda is one of the cruel jokes cracked at the Calfee’s expense since it arrived at the office.

The Calfee Road bike has unique features such as a very stiff frame which is not easily damaged by stress and impacts from falls as well as a relatively smooth ride. It takes almost 40 hours to build the frame and it’s possible to make all different sizes of frames as the manufacturer do not use forms or moulds to join the bamboo. To make the frames more natural, they use hemp fiber for the lugs to join the tubes together.

This bamboo bike is not only unique but will be a perfect fit for you in addition to its great visual appeal and amazing functional capability.

Additionally, Environment protection is a major advantage while riding this bike; as growing bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than trees and absorbs carbon-di-oxide from the atmosphere and more effectively binds soil to prevent soil erosion. 

So, friends, please stop, ponder, and go with the Calfee Road Bike for your next road trip…

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