Ballie Samsung

Robots are not new in today’s world. There are a wide variety of robots in every field that are waiting to blow your mind. Many of the today’s robots are inspired by the present conventional needs. Humans are going one notch up to ease their operations and constructively coming out with alternatives. They are in the form of robots. Use of robots have increased and we slowly have become heavily dependent on these machines. Bad or Good we don’t know but Samsung has surely jumped into this arena and has come up with robotic wall called Ballie.

Ballie the rolling robot is AI enabled and is more of a companion than a mere robot. Whenever I hear about Ballie it rings the bell of that movie Wall-e. The cute little robot that assists in cleaning of trash. Anyway, this article is about Ballie and not about Wall-e 😊

Ballie is a home robot and it would be perceived more of as a companion. That would be the marketing strategy of Samsung when they release. It is a ball shaped robot with two rims like wheels. It uses cameras to detect users and objects. It has been designed to recognize voice commands. It has the ability to interact with all the IOT enabled devices.

Ballie is touted as a companion of the future which would help you with personal use and also cleaning and other house-hold purposes. The prototype was launched at CES 2020 and Samsung has been tight lipped about its hardware and software aspects. Still a lot of work needs to be done on this which would enable it to fully support humans to become their companions. But it surely would be a much awaited wait.

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