Back pedal a better solution for back pain?

I have been seeing my dearest friends suffering from severe back pain for many years. We are now learning about some shocking findings in the form of statistics of those who are suffering with the same nationwide and worldwide. Around $50 billion is being spent on the Americans who are suffering from Low-back pain every year.

There are many reasons why someone suffers from a back pain. There are also an umpteen number of home remedies available all over the internet.

Many of us would like to have a device at home that is approved by doctors. Then, The Back Pedal is the answer for you.

Designed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, this device was created to strengthen the right muscles in the right way. What does that mean, exactly? Sometimes our body, if in an already incorrect position, will overcompensate when we’re moving throughout life. Our pelvis, which is the foundation of the body’s support, can shift or tilt out of alignment. The Back Pedal helps strengthen the muscles when your Pelvis is in the correct position, which treats and really gets to the bottom of the underlying causes of back pain. No more temporary solutions, no more Band-Aids.

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