Automatic Auto Faucet to Conserve Drinking Water

Water, water, everywhere but not a drop to drink. Although we are a blue planet but still very little water is available for drinking. And with the ever increasing population, if we don’t use water judiciously, we might run out of precious drinking water in the near future. This product caters to the need of conservation of water by using it the right way. It changes the normal tap into automatic one with the help of motion sensors. You can use it at night time, as the LED lights would ensure you get your water filled without having to switch on the main light. Hassle free product as one charge lasts for 12 months. Once you are done with your washing you just need to put yourself in front of the sensor to turn it off. It has automatic switching off capability. You can instigate the message of conservation of water from your premises by installing Techno the Automatic Faucet.

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