Facilitating Autistic Kids in Dealing With Their Worries With VR

Life brings with challenges everyday throughout the existence. Like our 5 fingers are not uniform, similarly there are kids who are born with some deficiencies and hence are to be treated with utmost care. These kids are sometimes not aware of what happens to their bodies and hence develop illusions about things occurring in their environment. They get scared about normal happenings too. What is unfortunate is that sometimes they fail to share or express the same to their near and dear ones.

It is known as the Blue Room. The system was developed in a JV between Britain’s Newcastle University and tech firm Third Eye Technologies. It has been going through testing for a few years now and has become available recently to the patients via the UK’s National Health Service.

Here’s how it works …

A child and a psychologist sit together in a small room, which has virtual reality animation projected onto all four of its walls. The beauty of this system is that the autistic kids need not wear the VR goggles anymore. This immerses the child in a 360-degree interactive display without requiring them to wear VR goggles anymore

An iPad is used to control the action by the psychologist who guides the child through simulations of experiences that they find worrying, helping them to control their nervousness by doing things such as performing breathing exercises. The child’s parents watch on a closed-circuit video feed, so that they can see what coping strategies are used.

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