AURA Band Fitness Tracker

If you are fitness follower, you will become a devotee! If you are a fitness fanatic you will be an addict. The Aura Band Fitness Tracker is a great contender to make you so. This mighty dynamite of a  device helps you get the most out of any workout by tracking all your unique features, through bioimpedence which is the breakthrough, state-of-the-art technology behind AURA Band. It is the only way to understand how your body changes over a day truly. You can get more from your fitness activity because you’ll know how it affects your body.

Constant body composition tracking will make your workouts and fitness activity much more interactive because you’ll see how your body is changing.

AURA Band keeps track of your fat, muscle and bone volume as well as your hydration levels

A 9-axis motion sensor and red/infrared pulse sensors allow you to know everything about your activity and heart performance. We not only count your steps but detect the type of activity and measure your heart rate along with the variability of that rate. AURA Band carefully stores all the data during the day and provides a detailed analysis in the App.

AURA Band continuously tracks your activity and pulse. Pulse is measured every 15 minutes or more frequently, depending on your activity level.


Fat, Muscle, Bone percentage monitoring
Hydration levels tracking
Steps & burned Calories count
Activity type detecting: Walking, Jogging, Cycling
Dust & Water protection (IP67 standard)
Bluetooth 4.2


6 LED lights
Vibration motor
Incoming calls and messages notifications

Up to 7 days

Rechargeable Li-Po battery
Charger with USB Type-C cable


Optical Red/IR heart rate sensor
9-axis movement tracking module
Body composition & Hydration level analysis unit

You can make a series of measurements day-by-day after a workout and get a trend of your body transformation in the app history.

Equipped with top-notch technology, The AURA Band Fitness Tracker, which usually sells for $180, can be yours today for only $161.99.


Product Page: AURA Band

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