Augment Reality Smart Glasses for hands free access to digital world

When we talk of Glasses what can you think of??? I mean, reading my sentence, again, just to make sense of what I just questioned….I mean Glasses. What more can we do with it other than reading

But with ever-evolving technology and ever inquisitive human mind, we have developed mundane, traditional glasses into Augment Reality Smart Glasses. World’s first Augment Reality smart glasses that provide hands-free access to the digital world. Keep your smartphones and smartwatches at bay as Smart Glasses are here to take over.

Vuzix Blade, first augmented reality smart glass. You can take calls and interact with people on social media hands-free. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, so connecting with Android or iPhone is not an issue. Also, you can connect wirelessly with Wi-Fi to the internet. It comes with 550 mah rechargeable internal battery. Battery life is from 2 to 12 hours. It has an integrated camera which captures 8megapixel still images and 1080p high definition video.  The videos or images captured get stored in its memory and it also comes with 32 GB expandable memory.

It is integrated with head tracking and GPS system which would enable not only your coordinates monitoring but also would give make you aware of direction and angle of the current view so to help you from any unforeseen problems. The lenses are UV protected and Come with Noise Cancelling Mics. You can take calls, check messages, and listen to music without your smartphone. Calendar Alert to keep you informed, so that can never miss out on anything important.

Vuzix Augment Reality Smart Glasses, a perfect blend of fashion and technology

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