Audi Electric Bike: A Smart Bicycle Runs at 80 KMPH

Technology has been ever evolving and so has the mode of transportation. One most common mode of transportation that we talk about is the Bicycles – we have seen them undergoing a lot of transformation over the years.

The bicycles have over the years gone through their own trials and tribulations and have been able to overcome the challenges and has been able to transform itself into a different level of complexity and efficiency. This kind of ever-evolving methodology has been going on in the past and would be carried out in the future also. It is a never-ending process, where mankind has always strived for perfection in terms of speed, maneuverability, and design.

Now, with the technology slowly integrating with the gadgets and our daily machines, it will be an amalgamation of technology with bicycles and the end result would be smart cycles in form of Audi Electric Bike. This is the fastest e-bike in the world.

The bicycle is manufactured with carbon fiber and aluminum alloy metal which makes it stronger compared to any other bicycle or bike. Also, it comes with two in one feature which means it comes in both electronic engine and pedaling option. The rear wheel has motorcycle kind speed gear, so you can set the gears and switch on the electronic engine you can go up to 80km/hr. And if you are simply pedaling you can go to 40 to 50 km/hr. This smart bicycle can be operated with your smartphone. This bike is super lightweight, very consistent and reliable when it comes to brakes.

It is not cheap but these features come at a heavy price. So, if you have the cash to flash then better go for an Audi Electric Bike.

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