ATR Orbiter Remote-Controlled Snow Remover Robot

Snow can be a playful activity for kids, but for adults, it means a very tedious task and not so appealing

Also demands a lot of energy and perseverance to shovel the snow in the shivering cold. I mean, who would like to get slapped, right onto face by the cold, crisp breeze, making it all the harder, to shovel the snow. The thick ice foundation won’t let your activity any bit quicker, you need a lot of your energy wasted in doing that and also you won’t get it done quickly.

So fret no more, get a smart snow shovel that is fully automatic and make your life simpler and better.

ATR ORBITER is a smart snow plow that can handle any type of terrain, be it sandy or rocky. It is fully electric and remote control range of 150 meters. The 3.5-foot wide plow will help you to quickly accomplish the task, without you even having to step out, on your porch. The 7-inch wide track helps it to glide over any kind of obstructions…….. Be it a stick, stone, big branch or even tree trunks.

This Italian make will help you tide over your problem of shoveling…..snow shoveling has never been so easy, this smart ATR Orbiter will shovel your problems and make your life much easier and simpler. Don’t forget to buy one for this WINTER!!! HAPPY CHRISTMAS IN ADVANCE

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