Asus Zen Book Pro Duo

Over the years the face of computers has changed. We can see the evolution of laptops. With the ever-evolving technology, the way we perceive these gadgets has also changed. It is not considered as a device for storing and displaying data. But it has evolved into something more challenging and innovative.

When we talk about innovation meets creativity then Asus Zen Book Pro Duo tops the list. This is the face of tomorrow that you can buy today. It is a dual-screen laptop that appears to be continuous. So, the productivity space is more. The main feature is the screen. There are 2 screens one that is primary and the secondary screen is smaller, which is located in the keyboard deck. It is a better version compared to other laptops because they have properly and effectively implemented this feature depending upon the usage case and has 25 to 30% more usable screen. It comes with Asus Pen and Palm Book.

The right-hand side comes with thunderbolt USB-C port, 3.5mm audio jack, and USB-A port. On the left-hand side you have the power in, HDMI and USB-A port. The primary screen is 15 inches with an OLED display and the secondary is 14.1 inches and 4K touch panel.

The main idea behind two screens is to increase productivity and also multi-tasking. There are many features that are applicable to this laptop with dual screens. We can drag the window from the primary to secondary screen or we can group our tasks on the secondary screen and once we login again we just need to press the group and it would list the tasks on the secondary screen. Two different displays can be combined to one and you can also work as one continuous display.

It is overall a super device that balances size, performance, and features. The only thing that might come to our notice is that the keyboard has shifted down and the screen that is on top of the laptop design might restrict the airflow to the CPU underneath.

Overall it is a good product…so if you have the cash and you know how to use then it is a perfect buy!!

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